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Welcome to the Pediatric Clinical Pharmacology Section of IUPHAR!

The object of the Section is to encourage the organization of international co-operation in pediatric clinical pharmacology and therapeutics by:
 - Stimulating research in pediatric clinical pharmacology and therapeutics world-wide
 - Promoting high scientific and ethical standards in clinical medicines research in the pediatric population
 - Promoting scientific meetings, workshops and courses in pediatric clinical pharmacology and therapeutics in different parts of the world
 - Improving and harmonising the teaching of pediatric clinical pharmacology and the rational use of medicines in children at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, particularly in developing countries
  - Promoting the utilisation of pediatric clinical pharmacological services in health care delivery, particularly in developing countries
  - Utilising skills of pediatric clinical pharmacology and therapeutics in evaluating patients experiencing adverse drug reactions
  - Promoting high ethical standards in prescribing and utilisation of medicines in the pediatric population
  - Encouraging collaboration with other agencies and organisations interested in the study, development and rational use of paediatric medicines, particularly WHO.

If you have registered in myIUPHAR under the Members tab then you may join the Pediatric Clinical Pharmacology Discussion Group.

If you are interested in joining the Section, please let us know (pediatrics@iuphar.org).


Gregory Kearns

Facundo Garcia-Bournissen

IUPHAR Pediatric Clinical Pharmacology Section

You can also get in touch with us at:  pediatric.clinical.pharmacology@gmail.com